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Using Puppets to Reach and Teach

Please Pass the Veggies

by Timothy Brown
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Overview/Theme: This play is designed to encourage children to stand strong for God even when it's hard and is taken from Daniel 1. It can be used as a puppet play or drama skit.  Cast—Emcee and 3 Male Puppets.

Emcee:   Today we want to share with you about four young men whose
               heart’s desire was to live for God and stand strong for him. Rather
               than just tell you the story, we’ll present it in a different way. To
               do this I need 3 assistants. (Calls up the 3 puppets one at a
               time.) First of all, we have King Nebuchadnezzar.

Nebuchadnezzar: Good morning. I am the powerful king of the Babylonian
               Empire. My armies go all over conquering enemy after enemy. One
               day we decided to attack the city of Jerusalem. We surrounded
               the city and over a period of time defeated the people. One of the
               first things we did was to bring the best of the young men to
               Babylon to re-train them to work for me!

Emcee:   Thank you Nebuchadnezzar. Next we have one of the young
               captive men, Daniel.

Daniel:    I was taken from my home, my family, and my friends. Once we
               got to Babylon, they put us into an intensive training program that
               lasted for three years. They even changed our names so they
               sounded like the gods the Babylonians served. The problems
               began when we found out that we would be eating from the
               king’s table…

Emcee:    And finally, we have the steward, the person in charge of these
               young men.

Steward: Nebuchadnezzar commanded me to make sure these young men
               were treated well. They were to get the best food, which was
               easy because they ate at the king’s table. I didn’t think it would
               be a problem until I found out the one called Daniel and three of
               his friends were going to take a strong stand for their God…

Emcee:   Well, now we know the participants; let’s get on with the story. I
               want the three of you to act out the story so we hear it and see
               it. Mr. Steward, we’ll start off with you.

Action: Scene 1
Steward: (Brings a plate to Daniel.) The king is sure keeping you guys
               busy. He told me that I am to care for you and make sure you eat
               right. In fact, you get to eat at the king’s table. Whatever you
               want, you can have, just let me know and I’ll get it for you.

Daniel:    I’m glad you said that. My friends and I would like only water to
               drink and vegetables to eat.

Steward: Ah…Um…What did you say?

Daniel:    I said we would like only water to drink and vegetables to eat.

Steward: That’s what I thought you said. (Pause) What in the world is
               wrong with you???

Daniel:    What do you mean?

Steward: You can have any food you want; steak, prime rib, ham; you
               name it, you got it. But here you are asking only for vegetables?
               You’re turning down steak for broccoli? You’d pass up pizza for
               asparagus? You’ll take turnips over cake and ice cream? Are you

Daniel:    No, I am not crazy. My God has given us strict laws concerning
               what we can and can’t eat. There are certain meats and foods we
               are not to eat at all. Other foods that we can eat, have been
               offered to idols, so I don’t want to eat them and let people think I
               agree with that.

Steward: Ok. I like a good laugh just like everyone else, but it’s time to
               stop fooling around. Eat your steak.

Daniel:    I am not fooling around. We are serious. We are asking you to let
               us eat only vegetables and drink only water.

Steward: Listen Daniel, I really like you. You seem like a good guy and all,
               but I can’t just give you vegetables while everyone else gets
               whatever they want.

Daniel:    Why not?

Steward: Because when the king looks at you guys and sees that the four
               of you are weaker and thinner than the others, he’s going to ask
               why. When he finds out I’ve only given you vegetables, he will kill
               me! I like you, but not enough to die for you.

Daniel:    I don’t want to see you killed, but I can’t eat from the king’s table.
               How about you test us for 10 days. Give us only vegetables and
               water for 10 days. If we appear weaker and thinner than the rest,
               then decide what you will do.

Steward: Well, I guess we could give it a try. You can’t get too weak in only
               10 days. Ok, you have a deal. (The steward takes the plate away
               and gives him a glass of water.)

Emcee:   The 10 days passed and it was time for the steward to check out
               Daniel and his friends.

Action: Scene 2
Steward: (Carefully looks Daniel over, checks arm muscle, etc.) Well, I don’t
               believe it. After 10 days of eating just vegetables and drinking
               only water, you’re in better shape than all the rest of the guys.

Daniel:    So, are you satisfied then?

Steward: Yes. For the rest of the 3-year training program, you four will only
               get vegetables and water. If you change your mind, let me know.
               There’s a lot of good food on the king’s table.

Daniel:    Thank you. We appreciate the offer, but we don’t plan on
               changing our minds.

Emcee:   At the end of 3 years, all the young men were brought before the
               king to be tested. Daniel and his three friends stayed true to their
               stand for God. They only ate vegetables and drank only water.

Scene 3:
King:       Daniel, what is the square root of 1,369?

Daniel:    I believe that would be 37 your majesty.

King:       (Takes a moment to figure it out.) That’s right. I can’t believe it.
               (Checks notepad.) You got a perfect score. No one has ever done
               that well on one of my tests. I proclaim before everyone present
               that there is none to be found in my kingdom like these four
               young men and they will serve before me from this point on.

Emcee:   Great job everyone. The king was so impressed with Daniel and
               his friends that he gave them good jobs in his kingdom. Now, do
               you three understand what this play is all about?

Steward: (Shrugs shoulders and guesses) “uh…eat your vegetables?”

Daniel:    (Shakes head) How could they survive 3 years without pizza?

King:       Yes, I think I do… When you stand for God, he will help you even
               when it gets hard.

Emcee:    Well, at least one of you got it. Let’s try it again to see if you
               other two can get it. Maybe we were going too fast for you. This
               time through, do the story in slow motion.

Action: The play is acted out very slowly.

Emcee:   The king promoted Daniel and his three friends. Now, do you
               understand what this play is all about?

King:     (Thumbs up) Got it!

Steward: (Shrugs shoulders and guesses) You should do good on tests?

Daniel:    I think I’ve got it… It is important to choose to stand for God right
               now, while you are young. If you wait too long, you will probably
                fail when the tests come.

Emcee:    We’re doing better now. Let’s try it once more. We are running
               short on time, so now I want you to do it on fast forward.

Action: The play is acted out again only this time is done very rapidly.

Emcee:   The king promoted Daniel and his three friends. Now, do you

King:       (Thumbs up) Got it!

Daniel:    (Thumbs up) Got it!

Steward: I think I understand now. It isn’t always easy to stand for God,
               but he will give you the power to do it and will honor you when
               you do.

Emcee:   (Turns to audience.) There you have it everyone. Daniel and his
               friends chose to stand for God even when it was hard. God was
               with them every step and gave them the power to stand strong
               even when they did want to sink their teeth into a nice, juicy
               steak. This story happened a long time ago. But what about
               today? Does God still want people to stand for him? Yes, he does.
               If Jesus is your forever friend, God wants you to stand strong for
               him each day. If someone tries to get you to tell a lie and you
               know God doesn’t want you to: stand strong for God. If someone
               tries to get you to do something you know is wrong: stand strong
               for God. If someone makes fun of believing in Jesus and you’re
               afraid to speak up that you believe: stand strong for God.
               Remember, you are not alone when you stand strong for God. He
               is right there with you and will honor you when you do.

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