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Using Puppets to Reach and Teach

Let's Have Some Fun!

by Timothy Brown
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Overview/Theme: This play is designed to use a puppet to help you give directions for a lesson review game. You will need to write out review questions ahead of time. 
 Cast—1 Puppet and Emcee

Emcee:    Hank! Hank! Are you back there?

Hank:    I sure am. This has been a great day so far. I learned a lot from the Bible lesson.

Emcee:    How much have you learned?

Hank:    I’ve learned a lot. I remember practically everything about the lesson.

Emcee:    Are you sure? That’s a lot of stuff to learn.

Hank:    I’ve got it. I paid close attention during the lesson and can go home and tell it to my friends.

Emcee:    I’ve got a list of questions here from today’s story. (Hold the list so the puppet can “read” it.) Do you know the answers?

Hank:    (Have the puppet look like it is reading the paper.) Yes, I know the answers to all of them. Do you want me to tell them to you?

Emcee:    No… I want to see if the boys and girls know the answers. Rather than just ask them though, I thought we’d play a little game together. How would you like to help me with this game?

Hank:    I would love to help out. What do you want me to do?

Emcee:    To begin with, you can help me explain the rules and then you can let me know if their answers are correct.

(Together, explain the rules to the children. Play the game and have Hank interact with the children as you play. Close the play by having Hank thank you and the children for letting him help with the game.)

NOTE: (In the PDF File is the directions and visuals to make and play a review game.)

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