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Using Puppets to Reach and Teach

I Can't Do It, It's Just Too Hard!

by Timothy Brown
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Overview/Theme: This play is designed to help you teach a memory verse to your class by having them teach it to the puppet. It will help to have the verse written out on a card large enough for the class to see. It uses an emcee and a puppet, but you could use two puppets.  Cast—1 or 2 Puppets.

Hank:      (Walks in slowly with head down, sobbing a little)

Emcee:    Hank! What’s the matter?

Hank:      Oh…nothing…I’m fine…

Emcee:    You don’t look fine or act fine. What’s the problem?

Hank:      Well, I’ve memorized all the verses so far, but I can’t learn today’s—it‘s just too hard!

Emcee:    How hard have you tried?

Hank:      Well… not real hard. It’s just that… well I… I just can’t do it!

Emcee:    What makes this verse so hard?

Hank:      I looked at it and it looks hard. It has words I don’t understand and is too long. I give up! I quit!

Emcee:    How about if we help you memorize it?

Hank:      You would do that for me?

Emcee:    Of course we would. (Look at children) Wouldn’t we boys and girls? What’s the verse?

Hank:      (Give reference.) You’ve got it right there on that card.

Emcee:    You’re right. (Ask a child to come up and read the verse out of your Bible while Hank and the children follow along with the visual.)

Hank:      That’s it… see I told you it was a hard one.

Emcee:    Don’t think it’s hard just by looking at it. Let’s take a closer look. First of all, (point to the visual) Hank, where did these words come from?

Hank:      The Bible!

Emcee:    Do you boys and girls agree? You are right. These words came right from the Bible, God’s Word. To help us remember where it’s found, let’s all repeat the reference (address) 4 times.

Hank:      That’s great, but how are you going to help me learn this verse?

Emcee:    Well, to begin with, you need to understand what it means. (Take the time needed to explain the words and concepts of the verse to Hank and the children)

Hank:      I’ve got it! That’s not so hard now that it has been explained to me. Thanks! Now that I understand it, maybe it won’t be so hard to learn it.

Emcee:    Before you work on memorizing it, there is one more thing that will help.

Hank:      What’s that?

Emcee:    You need to see how you can use this verse in your own life. (Present an application of this verse to the saved child and the unsaved child)

Hank:      Now I think I’m ready to start memorizing this verse.

Emcee:    I think you are right. Let’s start out by having all of us say the verse with the address 2 times. (Say the verse – face the card so the children can see it but not Hank.) Now, Hank, see how much of the verse you can say without looking.

Hank:      OK… Ummm…(Say reference and first couple of words in the verse.)

Emcee:    That’s a great start. Let’s all say it together and have Hank listen closely. (Say verse together.)

Hank:      I’ve got it. (Say reference and first three or four words in the verse.)

Emcee:    Great Hank. You got farther that time. Let’s help him again boys and girls. (Repeat verse)

(Repeat the process with Hank saying more of the verse each time. When he says the whole thing, clap for him. Have him thank the children and ask if any of them can say the verse. Give children the opportunity to do so. Finish by having Hank and the children say the verse without the visual. Hank leaves excited he can say a verse he thought he couldn’t memorize.)

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