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Forgiven, But Not Forgiving

by Patty Brown
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Overview/Theme: Based on the parable of the unforgiving servant found in Matthew 18. A person is forgiven much and yet refuses to forgive someone else for something relatively trivial. Cast—3 Boy Puppets, 1 Girl Puppet

Susie:      Hi Joey. What’s wrong? You look like you swallowed a bowl full of lemons!

Joey:       (Enters with a bandage on his nose) Thanks for the compliment. I really need a friend like you right now.

Susie:      Sorry Joey. I didn’t mean to be rude—but you sure don’t look happy.

Joey:       Right now I don’t have any reason to be happy. I borrowed Sam’s bike this afternoon and thought I’d try a wheelie in front of Mr. Jones’ store.

Susie:      So? … You did a wheelie. What’s that got to do with being unhappy?

Joey:       Well, I was concentrating so hard on doing the wheelie that I didn’t see the hole in the sidewalk. I did a wheelie on the front of my face instead.

Susie:      Hee, hee. Boy, that’s too bad Joey, but you could have gotten seriously hurt.

Joey:       Yea, but I still may end up with a broken arm.

Susie:      What do you mean?

Joey:       The worst part wasn’t banging up my nose; you should see the front of Sam’s bike.

Susie:      Oh no! That’s terrible! You haven’t told Sam yet?

Joey:       No, I was… (Sam enters.)

Sam:       Hi guys.

Susie:      I’m not a guy.

Sam:       Oh. Sorry, I forgot.

Susie:      Thanks.

Sam:       What happened to your nose Joey? Get it stuck in a soda bottle? (Laughs.)

Joey:       I… I… I had a slight accident.

Susie:      I think I’m going to leave before you tell him about your slight accident. See ya later. (Exits.)

Sam:       What’s she talking about?

Joey:       I tried a wheelie with your bike, but…

Sam:       (Interrupts.) Oh no! You tried a wheelie with my bike? What happened? What’d you do to it?

Joey:       It just scraped the fender a little. I’m really sorry.

Sam:       (Trying to keep calm.) Okay—let’s go see what you did to it.

(Both leave and then come back up.)

Sam:       Well, I guess my bike’s not in too bad a shape. It shouldn’t take a lot to fix it.

Joey:       Then you forgive me Sam? My dad said he’d fix it right away.

Sam:       At least you didn’t get hurt badly. Sure I forgive you. Anyway, I should get home. Let me know when it’s fixed, okay? (Exits.)

Joey:       Sure thing. Thanks Sam! (Exits while humming.)

(Susie enters.)

Susie:      Wow—that was nice of Sam to forgive Joey like that. He’s a nice guy. (Exits.)

(Later, Sam and Bill enter.)

Bill:        Oh Joey, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to make you lose your dollar. I just accidently bumped your arm.

Joey:       Sure…Sure! I saved that dollar to buy my favorite candy bar and you made me lose it. I can’t believe it. Some friend you are.

(Sam enters at the tail end of the conversation.)

Sam:       Hey guys, what’s the problem?

Joey:       This guy’s the problem. He bumped my arm and made me drop my dollar down the grate in the sidewalk. Now I can’t buy my candy bar.

Sam:       I’m sure he didn’t mean it Joey. After all, y…

Joey:       Oh, there’s no excuse! My dollar is gone for good and I’m still hungry.

Sam:       Well—if you feel that way about your dollar, Sam, maybe I shouldn’t be so quick to forgive you for messing up my bike.

Bill:        (Looks at Sam.) You forgave Joey for wrecking your bike? How much is that going to cost to fix?

Joey:       (Head lowered.) Yea, he did. Boy I guess I’m the jerk, not you Bill. I owe you an apology. How could I get so upset over a dumb dollar?

Bill:        That’s all right Joey. Let’s just forget it.

Joey:       Well, now that that’s settled, shall we all go down to the beach? I hear the water’s great.

All:         That sounds great.

(They all exit, laughing and talking.)

Copyright © 2008 by Patty Brown • www.ExperiencePuppets.com • You may reproduce this script as needed

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