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Do Lions Make Good Pillows?

by Timothy Brown
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Overview/Theme: This play is designed to encourage children to stand strong for God even when it's hard and is taken from Daniel 6. It can be used as a puppet play or drama skit.  Cast—King Darius,  Dermit, Melzar, and Daniel.

Scene 1: Street in Front of the Palace
Melzar: Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye, listen to the proclamation, signed by
          the king…Hear ye, hear ye. King Darius has proclaimed that this
          kingdom is to be divided up into 120 states. One hundred twenty
          satraps have been selected to rule over these states. And King
          Darius also says that Daniel and two others will govern these
          satraps. Each one will report to Daniel and these two who will in
          turn report to the king. The king is also thinking about making
          Daniel the #2 man in the whole kingdom.

Dermit:  I can't believe it! Doesn't he know who Daniel is? He's one of
          the Hebrew captives brought from Jerusalem. He isn't Babylonian
          and yet he is placed in charge of 120 true Babylonians. That's not
          fair! I need to go talk to the king…. no…no, that won't do any
          good. The king thinks the world of him. Well, if I can't change the
          king's mind, maybe I can figure a way to get rid of Daniel. But
          how? I'll need the help of the other counselors, but that won't be
          difficult. All we have to do is find some crime Daniel has done. No,
          no, we'll never find anything. He's one of the most honest guys I
          know who follows what his God wants him to do. Wait a minute!
          His God! That's it. Daniel always stays true to his God. What if we
          get the king to make a law that Daniel can't keep and stand true
          to his God at the same time. Oh, that's perfect! If he stands true,
          he breaks the law. If he obeys the law, we tell the king he has no
          character because he won't stand true to his beliefs. And…if we
          make the punishment to be thrown into the lion's den, that'd be
          the icing on the cake. I've got to talk to the others about this.

Melzar: (Enters as Dermit leaves.) I wonder what he is up to now. I think
          it's great news about Daniel, but I know that Dermit and his
          friends don't like him. I'll have to keep my eye on him. Oh, well,
          I'd better get busy letting people know about this proclamation.
          I've got a lot of land to cover. I guess I'll be out of town for
          several days to get word throughout the kingdom.

Dermit:  That worked better than I thought. All I had to do was come up
          with an idea and share it with my friends and we've got a great
          plan. We just flatter the king, telling him that he is not just a great
          king, but a god! Once he's filled with pride, we can get him to sign
          our proclamation. (Holds up a scroll.) "All the governors have
          consulted together to establish a royal decree, that whoever asks
          any god or man for anything for thirty days, except the king, shall
          be cast into the den of lions." Once the king signs this, Daniel will
          be finished. All we have to do is watch him and when he starts to
          pray, we tell the king. Once this law is signed, it can't be changed
          so even the king can't do anything about it. We can't lose!

Scene 2: The Palace
Dermit:  Good morning, your Majesty!

King: Good morning Dermit. You know, it really is a good morning. Things
          are going great in the kingdom and this plan of the 120 states and
          leaders is working fantastic.

Dermit:  Your Majesty, the other governors and leaders and I have been
          talking about this great plan of yours and we all think it is brilliant.

King: Really? You really think that?

Dermit: Of course we do. We're constantly amazed at the ideas you come
          up with and the laws you make. We can't believe how lucky we are
          to have a king as great as you!  

King: I appreciate what you're saying, but...

Dermit:  Now don't try to downplay how great you are, sir. I mean many
          of us believe that a mere man could not do all these great things
          you've done.

King: What are you trying to say, Dermit?

Dermit: Some of us believe you aren't a normal person but one of the
          gods come down to rule us.

King: Well...now that you mention it...

Dermit: In fact, your majesty, we are so convinced that you are a god
          we have taken the liberty to draw up a law, proclaiming it.

King: Well, what does it say?

Dermit: It's simple and to the point. "Whoever asks anything of any god
          or man for thirty days, except you, O king will be cast into the
          lion's den."

King: Lion's Den, huh. You know…I think you're right. The people should
          know that I am a god. Hand me the decree and I'll sign it. (Signs
          it and then leaves.)

Dermit: Heh, heh, heh…Daniel is finished now. This decree won't get him
          to stop praying to his God. He makes it so easy by praying the
          same three times every day. Oh…it's getting close to the time that
          he starts praying. Is he in for a big surprise at the end of his
          prayer time today? (Exits laughing.)

Scene 3: Street in Front of the Palace
Melzar: Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye…Listen to the proclamation, signed by
          the king, hear ye hear ye. (Shows scroll.) King Darius has
          proclaimed "Whoever asks anything of any god or man for thirty
          days, except the king, shall be cast into the den of lions."

(Daniel walks by as the proclamation is read. Melzar leaves and Daniel goes
to the side of the theater and bows his head. Dermit is watching from the
upper level.)

Dermit: What did I tell you? I knew he'd keep right on praying. You know,
          he almost made this too easy…(pause)…almost. Time to go to the
          king and tell him about his beloved Daniel.  

Scene 4: The Palace
King: Let's see, another law to sign. Do I really want to do this? After all,
          once I sign it, it can't be changed no matter what. I'm just not
          sure about this one. I think I'll wait and think about it.

Dermit: Your majesty, I have terrible news!

King: What is it?

Dermit: We've found someone who has broken your new law.

King: What law is that?

Dermit: The one about not praying to any god but you for 30 days.

King: (Hesitantly.) And who might that be?

Dermit: Daniel

King: Daniel! I never thought about him when I signed that law. Yes,
          his faith is so strong; he wouldn't let my decree stop him from
          praying. How could I have made that foolish law?

Dermit: Umm... Your majesty; he has broken the law and must be thrown
          into the lion's den. Shall I have the soldiers go get him?

King: No!

Dermit: But your majesty, you that when a law is made, it can't be
          changed, even by you.

King: I know that Dermit, but I have until the end of the day to work
          something out and I'm going to try. I owe it to Daniel. He's been
          a good and faithful servant. Now get out of here before I have
          you thrown into the lion's den.

Dermit: Right away your majesty. (To audience while leaving.) He'll never
          figure a way to get Daniel out of the lion's den. In just a few hours,
          we'll finally be rid of him!

Melzar:  (Enters from opposite direction.) The king has had us working for
          hours now to try to change the law or find a way to spare Daniel,
          but we've come up with nothing. We can't stop Daniel from being
          thrown in. I wish we could. I really like Daniel. Maybe the God he
          serves will save him. I don't put a lot of stock in that though. I'm
          sure going to miss him! (Exits.)

Dermit: It's time, O king. Daniel must be thrown in the lion's den in order
          to fulfill the law.

King: Go see to it.
(Dermit brings Daniel on the top level. Daniel is pushed and drops down. )

King: Daniel, your God, whom you serve continually, he will deliver you.

Scene 5: The Lion's Den
Melzar:  I'm sure he's all right sir. His God is powerful.

King: I hope you're right, Melzar. I couldn't sleep at all last night
          thinking about Daniel.

Dermit: Do you honestly believe that his god is able to save him? I don't
          know why we're even here. There's going to be nothing to see
          but lions. Why are we wasting our time?

King: Whether you believe it or not, Daniel's God is powerful. There's a
          chance he's alive and I'm going to make sure. (Calls out.) Daniel,
          servant of the living God, has your God, whom you serve
          continually, been able to deliver you from the lions?

Daniel: O king, live forever! God sent his angel and shut the lion's
          mouths, so they have not hurt me, because I was found innocent
          before him; and also, O king, I've done no wrong before you.

King: Melzar, go open the den.

Melzar: Right away, your majesty.

King: Dermit!

Dermit: Yes, your majesty?

King: You and the other counselors planned this whole thing to get rid
          of Daniel didn't you?

Dermit: (Stammers.) I...uh...we...that is...

King: Enough! Since you were so anxious to send Daniel to the lion's
          den, I think it's only fitting that you get a turn in there too.

(Melzar and Daniel enter.)

King: Melzar, I've got a job for you.

Melzar:  Anything you ask, O king.

King: Take Dermit and get his coconspirators and have them all thrown
          into the lion's den. When you get back, we'll have to start
          thinking about who will take their places.

Melzar: Right away your majesty.
All Exit


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