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Sorry, but the puppetry courses are no longer available to download. All the information in the two courses is in the Experience Puppets book.

Dear Friend,

If you'd like to learn how to make your puppet come alive to the audience, put together a program that educates as well as entertains, and understand how to be part of a successful, goal-oriented puppet team, then this is an important book for you to read.

Here's why:

Using puppets to reach and teach requires a careful, thought-out approach that is easy to learn, but often overlooked. In a short period of time, with some simple instruction and a willingness to work, you can develop advanced puppetry skills and a specific plan on how to effectively use puppetry to reach others.

Now, I know you're probably skeptical. That's normal and healthy. Let me give you three good reasons I can back up what I claim:

Three Reasons To Believe What I Say

Reason one: I've been a puppeteer for over 25 years and have developed basic and advanced puppet skills. To help improve my skills, I've attended several professional puppet workshops. I know what it's like to be a puppeteer, to run the sound system, to be an emcee, to book performances, and to direct a puppet team.

Reason two: For close to 15 years I directed and ran a part time evangelistic puppet ministry that traveled throughout New York and neighboring states averaging 15-18 performances per year. We conducted Sunday School rallies, Sunday Evening programs, Vacation Bible School programs, summer camp Chapel Services, nursing home programs, and more. Many of the places we ministered to invited us back, some multiple times.

Reason three: We have also conducted a number of puppet training seminars of our own and presented a 9-week puppetry training elective at a local Bible College for two consecutive years. Also, for a number of years now, I've been a local, regional, and national puppetry judge for a national "Teens Involved" ministry competition. I've seen first-hand what makes a mediocre puppet team and what qualities a team needs to stand out from the rest.

Here's a summary of the benefits you receive from reading the book

checkmarkBasic and Advanced Puppetry - Course 101            
  • 7 Powerful reasons to become involved in puppetry.
  • 4 Questions you should ask before starting with puppets.
  • A fun and enjoyable way to use puppets to help children memorize Bible verses without them even realizing that they are!
  • Learn what a "friend" puppet is and how you can use one to relax the audience and prepare them to hear your message.
 Learn basic puppet skills quickly and easily
  • One thing you should never do with a puppet. Doing this once, even fooling around, could damage the puppet's appearance and usefulness from that point on.
  • The number 1 goal to keep in mind whenever working a puppet.
  • The proper way to bring a puppet on and off a stage.
  • The importance of avoiding the dreaded "quicksand" patches that seem to infiltrate most theaters and what to do if you find yourself in one. 
  • The 2 keys to properly working the puppet's mouth so it looks like it really is talking.
  • The proper way to remove and put on puppet clothing.
 Develop advanced puppet skills
(It's easier than you may think!)
  • The SECRET to performing life-like puppet movements and actions.
  • How to add life-like movements such as sitting down, walking, running, skating, and more with step-by-step instructions. 
  • How to develop your own life-like puppet movements that will help your puppets "come alive" to the audience. 
  • Why you should attach both arm rods even if you only know how to do motions with one arm. 
  • Impress your audience by having a puppet play a kazoo in front of them...complete with sound!
  • How you can take your puppet out of the stage for a close-up performance without being a ventriloquist!
  • Why you need to develop both right and left handed puppet skills.

checkmarkReaching and Teaching with Puppets        
  • 5 Important goals your puppet team should have. (These goals are written for Christian teams, but the principles apply to secular teams as well.)
  • 6 Tips to help you achieve and maintain the support of your pastor and church.
  • 7 Keys to help maintain a successful puppet ministry. (These steps are written for Christian teams, but the principles apply to just about any team.)
  • Why it is important to set a consistent date and time for practices even if it means loosing a team member or two. 
  • Proper ways to critique performances that will enhance the quality of your presentations.
  • 6 Things you should NOT do when critiquing another puppeteer's performance.
  • 5 Things to keep in mind when you are being critiqued as a puppeteer.
  • 5 Avenues to look into for booking puppet meetings.
Helps to develop a financial plan for your puppet ministry
  • 4 Biblical principles regarding finances.
  • 3 Biblical principles for raising funds and a 4-step plan to implement them.
Discover how to go beyond entertainment and teach
  • How to NOT introduce a puppet play.
  • What a Main Theme is and how to weave it throughout your program.
  • How to introduce a play in a manner that will cause your audience to be active listeners instead of passive ones. 
  • How to develop an application that audience members can follow through on and actually do.
  • Why it is important to plan 1 1/2 times the material you think you'll need.
Puppetry is a skill that is easily learned if you have the right instruction. Running a successful Puppet Team or Ministry is a result of following specific principles and truths. Again, the key is knowing what those principles and truths are.

"Experience Puppets" is comprehensive traning that gives the right instruction and key principles based on over 25 years of experience. During those 25 years, we did things right and we made our share of mistakes, some of which were quite costly. The courses share both.

In it, I share some of the mistakes we made and their consequences, to help you avoid making the same mistake. I love working puppets and using them to teach and want to pass that love on to others. My hope is for you to have a truly great Puppet Experience and I believe that this book will help.

To your success,
Timothy Brown

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