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Experience Puppets Paperback
Covers basic and advanced puppetry skills, helps for puppet teams, and ministering with puppets. (147 pages)
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Experience Puppets 

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For years my father (Robert Brown) had a dream of owning his own lumber mill and in the late '70s that became a reality. He purchased a mill in Pottersville, NY and began Brown & Son Lumber Company, Inc.

For over twenty years, he ran the mill successfully and retired in 2001, turning the reins over to my brother. In August of 2005, the sawmill burned to the ground as the result of an electrical fire. The sawmill is no more, but the reputation and legacy of my father continues on.

Out of the ashes of the fire, a new dream began. Instead of selling lumber, Brown and Son Lumber now sells one of the by-products of lumber--paper. But not just blank paper. Paper with words in the form of a book and the puppet courses provided here.

ExperiencePuppets.com is an extension of the dream that got the whole thing started.

Tim Brown
PO Box 824
Middleburgh, NY 12122

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