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Covers basic and advanced puppetry skills, helps for puppet teams, and ministering with puppets. (147 pages)
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At Last…One Source Training on How to Work Puppets and Develop a Puppet Team

Puppetry Training and Resources

The Top 10 Puppet Skills to Develop

Puppet Instruction Helps and Resources

There are a number of Top 10 lists being created, so I thought I’d chime in with my own. In this article I’ll cover my Top 10 List of things to work on to develop your puppet skills....
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Puppet Teams

Why Should We Consider a Monthly Team Newsletter?Helps fo the Puppet Team

If you have a puppet ministry in your local church or are on a traveling team, it’s a great idea to publish a monthly newsletter. This article gives 5 reasons to consider it.

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Puppet Ministry

Help the Audience Apply the Principles from Your Puppet Program

Helps for Reaching and Teaching with Puppets

When the audience applies the message of your program to their lives, you have ministered to them. To develop an application, answer 6 basic questions concerning your message: who, what, how, why, where, and when. 

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Puppet Scripts

Do Lions Make Good Pillows? - Daniel 6

Puppet Scripts The fifth of five scripts taken from Daniel chapters 1-6. Will work as a script or drama play.

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